Teaching with Emerging Media

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CIS Colloquium, Feb 28, 2012, Wachman 1015D

Teaching with Emerging Media

Cheryl A. Dugas, Stevens Institute of Technology

Emerging media is the evolving use of technology and digital content to enhance work, play, and learning, to broaden access to information, and to enrich personal connection by eliminating the constraints of time and location. (source: Ball State Emerging Media Initiative) The incorporation of emerging media into higher education is a great way to engage today’s students and enhance their learning of fundamental computing concepts. This talk explores two areas of Emerging Media that can be incorporated into existing traditional computer science courses, taught in stand-alone elective courses, or used for individual student research/study. The first is Android Application Development – appealing for many reasons, among them its use of Java and XML, and the extensive support for application development. The second is Online Social Networks, an area that permeates nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Dr. Dugas will discuss these topics, and the course she has designed and is teaching in Online Social Networks.

Bio: Dr. Cheryl Dugas is interested in the incorporation of emerging media into higher education courses, secure software development, and active and cooperative learning. She has taught computer science, information technology, software engineering, and mathematics at the college level. This includes online and face-to-face teaching at the community college, undergraduate, and graduate levels. She is currently at the Stevens Institute of Technology, teaching courses she designed and implemented for the online graduate program in Service Oriented Computing. Prior to that, Dr. Dugas was on the faculty of the Information Technology program at Nazareth College, where she taught courses in Information Security and Forensics, Web Design, Systems Analysis and Design, and Introduction to Computer Applications. At the Rochester Institute of Technology, Dr. Dugas taught computer science courses in the Active Learning Pilot and in the Women In Computing program. Dr. Dugas spent eight years in industry, in software development and project management.