US-Serbia and West Balkan Data Science Workshop

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DARPA project N66001-11-1-4183

Predictive Modeling of Patient State and Therapy Optimization Principal InvestigatorObradovic Zoran Abstract This project will develop and validate effective predictive modeling technology to achieve the

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Principal Investigator:

Zoran Obradovic, L.H.Carnell Professor of Data Analytics, Temple University


NSF Award # IIS-1818661


The project mission is to organize a workshop aimed to explore how the US data science community can cooperate with and benefit from collaborations with partners in Serbia and the West Balkan region. The scope will include fundamental data science methods and high-impact applications related to big data processing, security and privacy in critical infrastructures, biomedical informatics, and computational archeology. The proposed workshop will facilitate closing the gap between data science research in the US and Serbia and the region and will bring together data scientists with researchers from disciplines that until recently had little exposure to data science methods, potentially enabling collaborative breakthroughs in those scientific fields. A large fraction of participants from both sides will be early career researchers including advanced level graduate students, postdoctoral research associates, and assistant/associate professors within 10 years of obtaining their Ph.D. The participants will include a large fraction of female and minority scientists. The workshop objective will be achieved by including the following inter-related objectives: (1) Establishing new multidisciplinary international collaborations between data science, mathematics, and sciences that generate big data and require advanced methods; (2) Reinforcing collaboration mechanisms between the NSF and Serbia’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and organize joint research projects; and (3) Widening the impact of the workshop, by involving researchers and stakeholders from the West Balkan region. The workshop will consist of four tracks, each co-chaired by 3 investigators from the US, Serbia and another West Balkan country. Tangible outcomes from the workshop will include a report describing workshop activities for each of four tracks and a proposal recommending research collaboration areas of interest for all parties and determining collaboration mechanisms and programs to facilitate collaboration.

Final Report: