Prof. Obradovic is the Steering Committee Chair

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for 2023 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM), being held April 27 – 29, 2023 in Minneapolis. SDM 2023 schedule is available at

Program Highlights:

Keynotes: The conference invited four keynote speakers: Dr. Wei Ding from the NSF, Dr. Joydeep Ghosh from UT Austin, Dr. Yolanda Gil from USC, and Dr. Vasant Honvar from PSU. The details are available at

Panel on The Future of Digital Health: We invited four distinguished panelists, including Richard Kuntz from Medtronic, Inc., U.S., Genevieve Melton-Meaux from the University of Minnesota, Matthew Cooper from 3M, and Josh Firminger from Optum. The details are available at

Blue Sky Idea Track: SDM’23 is excited to introduce the Blue Sky Idea Track, a first for Data Mining conferences. The goal of the Blue Sky Idea Track is to invite members of our research community to present position papers that may help inform or shape new directions of research. These are not typical conference research papers, rather they are expected to be visionary papers that set a direction.

Nine Tutorials: There are nine tutorials, including one on Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning: Opportunities, Challenges, and Considerations.

Two full-day workshops: (1) Algorithmic Fairness in Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Decision Making (2) Data Science for Smart Manufacturing and Healthcare

Lunch Time with NSF Program Manager: There will be an opportunity for early career researchers to have a lunch meeting with the NSF Program Manager on April 27.

Doctoral Forum and Panel: The SDM Doctoral Forum is a unique opportunity for PhD students in data science (including data mining, machine learning, databases, and pattern recognition) to present their doctoral dissertation in poster format and get feedback from SDM participants and senior leaders in the field. There is also a mentorship panel for PhD students with senior leaders in the field, which will provide perspectives and advice for graduate studies and what comes after graduation.

Networking Session for Underrepresented Groups: We invite you to join us for a unique networking event aimed at promoting diversity in computer science. This event will include a panel of senior researchers from underrepresented groups sharing their insights on career development, including their experiences, challenges, and strategies for success. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with researchers from diverse backgrounds, broaden your perspectives, and build meaningful professional relationships while supporting diversity in the field.