Feature Article about Jovan Andjelkovic: From Serbia to Temple, Crafting a Career in Machine Learning

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In a compelling interview conducted for Temple Graduate School, Jovan Andjelkovic, a PhD student in Dr. Zoran Obradovic’s lab, unveils his research—predicting cancer based on doctor’s visits—and his current focus on applying machine learning for mass shooting analysis.

Beyond the academic realm, Andjelkovic excelled in a PhD Data Science internship with Epsilon, optimizing advertising campaigns. Despite receiving a full-time job offer, he remains committed to returning for another internship in Summer 2024 while continuing his PhD journey.

Jovan’s passion extends to teaching, where he imparts valuable wisdom to aspiring data scientists. His advice for graduate students underscores the importance of patience and motivation in the dynamic field of machine learning.

As Andjelkovic looks ahead, he expresses gratitude for the support and enriching experiences at Temple, highlighting the significance of incremental progress in making substantial contributions to the world of machine learning.

Read the full interview on the Temple Graduate School website.