Scholar Ranking
2017 Ranking of the U.S. Doctoral Programs in Computer Science based on Faculty Citations

This ranking of 173 U.S. doctoral programs in computer science is based on citation measures of tenure track computer science faculty collected during Fall 2016 and analyzed during Spring 2017. For more detail about data and methodology click here.

Disclaimer: This is an outcome of a "research-grade" study. Our internal quality control indicates that our raw data are about 95% correct. Thus, it is possible that some of the numbers shown are not perfect.

Click on a triangle (►) to see faculty names, their h-index (h published papers are cited more than h times), t10 index (the 10th highest cited paper is cited t10 times), and faculty rank (percentile rank based on t10 index of senior faculty). Click on a name to go to a faculty member’s Google Scholar profile if they have it. Click on a house (the website after university name) to go to the home page of the computer science department. Click on the column name to sort the table by that column.

Acknowledgement: We acknowledge that the design of this web page borrows from, which is another interesting ranking of computer science programs. Please, check it out too!