DisProt Predictor of Intrinsically Disordered Regions

Input sequence:

Please enter the sequence (without the Fasta header) using the single-letter AA code.

Predictor: VL2 (linear, 4 models)
VL3 (neural network based)
VL3H (neural network based)
VL3E (neural network based)

Output Window Length:

E-mail address:

E-mail address is required for VL3E predictions. For other predictors e-mail address is optional.

!!!!!! Our predictors are currently not available due to a hardware upgrade (please come back after April 25, 2009).

Note: Due to available computational resources we can provide only a limited number of predictions per day. For the VL2, VL3, and VL3H predictors we can provide up to 100 predictions per IP address per day. The maximum length of a query sequence is limited to 5,000 residues. For the VL3E predictor, up to 10 queries no longer than 500 residues can be processed per IP address per day. Predictions for VL3E are sent by e-mail upon completion.

Citation: For VL2 predictor please refer to:
Vucetic S., Brown C.J., Dunker A.K. and Obradovic Z., Flavors of protein disorder (2003). Proteins 52 (4); 573-584.
For VL3 and VL3H predictors please refer to:
Obradovic Z., Peng K., Vucetic S., Radivojac P., Brown C. and Dunker A.K., Predicting intrinsic disorder from amino acid sequence (2003). Proteins 53 (S6); 566-572.
For VL3, VL3H and VL3E predictors please refer to:
Peng K., Vucetic S., Radivojac P., Brown C. J. , Dunker A. K. and Obradovic Z., Optimizing Intrinsic Disorder Predictors with Protein Evolutionary Information (2005). Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 3 (1); 35-60.
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