DABI Center Welcomes Fulbright Scholar Dr. Boris Delibasic

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The Data Analysis and Biomedical Analytics (DABI) Center extends a warm welcome to Prof. Boris Delibasic who joined Prof. Obradovic’s lab on October 1, 2011. Prof. Delibasic received a prestigious Fulbright fellowship to work as a visiting scholar at Prof. Obradovic’s laboratory at DABI until June 2012. Their research objectives are to design spatio-temporal algorithms for analysis of ski injuries and to discover ski injury patterns that could be used for injury prevention. They will extend the algorithms developed for ski injuries to analyze large scale data on road traffic accidents.

Dr. Delibasic is an assistant professor at the University of Belgrade in Serbia. His main research interests are data mining, decision support systems, business intelligence, and decision theory. Dr. Delibasic is also an adjunct lecturer at the University of Jena in Germany. With Prof. Obradovic he has already published several research articles on design of white-box data mining algorithms.